Mining Journal Intelligence Op Risk Forum 2019

About the Forum

The Op Risk Forum is a one day summit brought to you by the Mining Journal intelligence team taking place on the 25th June at the Sheraton Grand Park Lane in London. Designed to bring industry leaders together, this is an opportunity to deep dive, discuss and debate the biggest operational risks facing the industry in 2019. 

Using the findings of the Mining Journal Intelligence World Risk Report 2018 and further in depth research, we have designed a content driven programme which reflects the biggest areas of concern for miners and acts as an influential precursor to the Future of Mining EMEA event taking place from 26-27 June, where the industry will further debate the strategic direction of the industry across Europe, Middle East and Africa. 

Key programme themes:

Building a Modern Tailings Storage Facility

How can the risk of TSF failure be managed from the outset? Where is the management and review of existing TSFs falling short?

Securing Social Licence to Operate

Exploring the key events that drive society’s view of mining and how an effective social licence strategy can improve mining’s image within communities.

Improving Mine Safety 

Is automation the greatest aid to mining companies in improving safety? Has the industry effectively transformed its safety culture?

Engaging the Next Generation of Talent

How real is the risk of mining not being able to secure new talent? Addressing how mining companies can potentially re-brand mining as an industry and alter their approach to recruiting new talent.

Surviving the Age of Disruption

Identifying the opportunities and risks a new technology implementation and strategy can bring. What are the potential cyber threats to the mining industry and how can these be successfully dealt with?

Environmental Protectionism

IDiscussing where the environmental pressure points for stakeholders lie and what an effective environmental plan should look like.

The full agenda will be published soon…